V0.0.1 – Just started

Hi, I am Berke Kiran. I am a Computer Engineering Student and a self-taught Character Artist. I started to learning game creation at 13 years old. Now I am 22 and I know a lot of different things about
game creation, So I started a new game project called Adam Noise The Prologue.

This is the first development log of the game. First of all, I wrote the scenario a long time ago. So I started with the landscape first. I created a heightmap for it in World Machine and then import it into Unreal Engine 4.

World Machine – Landscape Creation

Then I used snow and rock textures to create material for the landscape.

Snow Material Function – Distance Based Tessellation

I wanted to create almost pure snow landscape. So I adjusted the values of the settings of the landscape material to barely see the rocks under the snow.

Landscape in Unreal Engine 4

I added Atmospheric Fog, Exponential Height Fog, Sky Light, Post Process Volume and a Sun Light to show the environment better.

Landscape – Details

I created a base shapes of the props. I hided a lot of them, I will show you in the demo of this project. So now, you can see only the gate area.

Base Shapes of the Props

I started to create a real models with Maya, Blender, Zbrush and Substance Painter. First I created and textured some bricks. Then I created a system for adding extra snow on it. And I created another system for blending mesh and landscape to make the shape’s looks better. Then I created instance of this material to use other models.

Substance Painter – Bricks
Extra Snow Material
Unreal Engine 4 -Bricks

Then I created a basic fps character to test the map little more.

Basic Fps Character

I created a tree based on the story. A little hint, It is not a real tree.

Unreal Engine 4 – Tree

Then I created some flags and small blocks.

Substance Painter – Flag
Unreal Engine 4 – Flag
Substance Painter – Small Block
Unreal Engine 4 – Small Block

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