V0.0.3 – Step by step

In this development log, I recreated the landscape in World Machine then I imported into Unreal Engine project. The heightmap resolution is 8k. Then I created a snow trail system. It works so smooth and fast. I will add some particle effects to make it more realistic. Then I created a snow adding material and […]

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V0.0.2 – A little progress

In this development log, I am continuing to create some models for the game. I am using Blender, Zbrush and Substance Painter to creating these 3d models. I created two versions of the gate blocks for the gate area. I used a 3d sphere to adjusting the locations of the props in the gate area. […]

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V0.0.1 – Just started

Hi, I am Berke Kiran. I am a Computer Engineering Student and a self-taught Character Artist. I started to learning game creation at 13 years old. Now I am 22 and I know a lot of different things about game creation, So I started a new game project called Adam Noise The Prologue. This is […]

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